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Water, Water Everywhere...

But is your home’s water safe?

The water you use in your home is essential to your life. Drinking, cooking, cleaning. You want that water to be as clean and pure as possible. That’s why an AquaSafe home filtration system should be part of your home’s water supply system.

Whether your water comes from a well or is supplied by your municipality, it may contain contaminants that are unhealthy or even dangerous. Scientists estimate that each year up to 7 million Americans become sick from contaminated tap water.

An AquaSafe filtration system keeps the water that flows from your tap clean, clear and healthy. We deliver peace of mind that your water will be free from chemicals and impurities, and safe for all of its many uses.

Water Quality Issues

You expect your water to be clean and clear. But what you get is very different. Find out what might be in your home’s water by clicking here.

Our Solutions

AquaSafe has a wide range of technologically advanced filtration systems that purify even the most impure water. Click here to explore your options.

Have Your Water Tested

Do you know what is in the water you drink? Let AquaSafe find out! Click here for information about our FREE Home Water Purity Test.