AquaSafe of Cape Cod

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About AquaSafe of Cape Cod

It all started with a glass of water.

As Cape Cod residents, we are concerned with preserving the natural beauty of the Cape. We choose to live here because of our love for the environment.

So when our tap water seemed cloudy, and had a musty odor, we worried about the effect it was having on the health and safety of our family. We watched the news about the chemical “plumes” threatening the Cape’s aquifer and heard about the many other contaminants that were inour water — and our bodies.

Our curiosity and concern led us to test the water quality in towns across the Cape. We discovered that the water being piped into our homes was not the safe, pure water we all expect and deserve. We found several types of contaminants.

We began researching water filtration systems that work easily and effectively. Systems we could rely on for our families and our customers, without hassle and without plastic bottles — another environmental hazard!

That led us to the reverse osmosis filter products you’ll find on this web site, and in more and more homes across Cape Cod. The system worked so well that we created AquaSafe of Cape Cod to bring this important solution to our neighbors.

The eager reception we have received from our customers is because they share our concern for their health and the safety of their families.

In our other business, The Fuel Company, we have than 50 years of experience in plumbing, heating and air conditioning on the Cape and in the surrounding communities. Our commitment to service has carried over to AquaSafe.

You get the best of both worlds. The manufacturers of the systems we sell are industry leaders with a proven track record of quality assurance and technological innovation; and we have the expertise and local knowledge to help you make a decision and the skills to make it work easily, efficiently and economically.