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Point-of-Use Systems vs.
Whole House Systems

One choice you will be asked to make when selecting your AquaSafe water purification system is “point-of-use” or “whole house.”

Point-of-use systems are small, compact filters that clean and purify the water at a single source in your home, typically a kitchen or bathroom sink. Some customers purchase multiple point-of-use filters in order to cover several rooms.

Whole house systems, while still compact and unobtrusive, are large enough to filter all of the water that enters your home. These systems address or correct any specific problem you may have in your home.



Purifier 2PURIFIER 2 - This is the only water treatment system that is California DHS certified to protect against disease causing microorganisms like e. coli and salmonella. Its compact size also makes it ideal for RV’s and boats. NSF certified.

Kwik-ChangeKWIK-CHANGE – A four-stage reverse osmosis system that produces up to 60 gallons of water daily, removing particulates, impurities and chlorine taste and odor. The fastest changeable cartridges on the market make it easy to keep the system working at peak efficiency.

RO5RO-5 – This system features a one-piece manifold reverse osmosis system that brings unequalled water quality in a space-saving design. Patented technology and superb components assure years of trouble-free, pure water for your home. Produces up to 50 gallons per day. NSF certified.

RO-4M2Watts Premier WP-4V Filtration System – Four-stage system reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking water, and is certified by the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program. Click here to view the ETV report.

Whole House SystemWHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER – This “whole house” system is installed at the point of entry and treats all water, whether from a municipal source or well. Filtration reduces sediment and other particulate matter, extending the life of Reverse Osmosis units, water heaters and apliances. Clear housing makes it easy to see when your filter needs to be changed. NSF certified.

Acid NeutralizerACID NEUTRALIZER – Acidic water can corrode copper plumbing and stain bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This patented system raises the pH of water to safe levels by filtering it through an easy-to-maintain limestone media bed. NSF certified.

RO-4M2Watts UV Disinfection System – Disinfection without chemicals. Effectively destroys chlorine-resistant bacteria and virus cysts.