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Know What's in the Water you Drink

Do you worry that the water in your home is not as clean and pure as it should be?

Despite steps taken by municipal water companies, the water that flows into your home may contain chemicals and contaminants that affect its taste, purity — and safety. The same cautions apply to well water, which draws from aquifers that may be compromised and contaminated.

Free Testing from AquaSafe

Stop wondering about your water. AquaSafe offers a simple and effective Home Water Purity Test that provides a comprehensive analysis of what is in your water. And it is absolutely FREE.

At your request, our water technicians visit your home and draw samples from your kitchen and bathroom taps. We then conduct a thorough chemical and spectrographic analysis and provide you with a detailed report on the contents of your home’s water.

Call Toll-Free for Your Free Water Purity Test

Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Call us today, toll-free (888) 494-4426 to schedule your free Home Water Purity Test. Or, schedule your free test online.